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【 How to Choose a Backpack?】Six MUST-HAVE features!

【 How to Choose a Backpack?】Six MUST-HAVE features!
Everyone needs a stylish, functional backpack. We use them for work, school, play, adventures and holidays. When you want to buy a backpack for yourself, or as a gift, what should determine your choice?


Beaufort Backpack Basic

1) Eye-catching, sophisticated design

Statistics show that first impressions are made in the first eight seconds. You will only be interested in exploring a bag’s inner beauty if it looks good on the outside. Design, size and color are what attract you the most. A backpack should have clean lines and be proportionate to your body shape. Cecil Pack's Classic Black, Floral White Grey, Olive Grey and Navy Blue are great choices.

2) High quality materials at affordable price

Different from bags made with nylon or synthetic fabrics, the Cecil Pack is made from recycled PET bottles. Each bag is made from twenty five 550ml plastic bottles. Despite the higher costs involved, its price remains reasonable, taking sustainable consumption to a whole new level.


3) Multiple compartments to help you find things easily

Backpacks should be a great, carefree way to carry your load and not take up your time looking for things. The Cecil Pack organizes your notes and files with two compartments for computers and documents. There are pockets for accessories, mesh compartments for water bottles and umbrellas, and an exterior elastic zipper to keep things compact. A chain in the pocket gives easy access to your keys. An awesome backpack is like a butler who takes good care of your house, leaving you free from concern!

4) Breathable backpack/back panel

Functionality is equally important as appearance. When carrying a lot of stuff around, your back and shoulders can easily get sore and sweaty, therefore shoulder straps and back panels should be breathable and lightweight. The Cecil Pack is designed to let you effortlessly get up and go.


5) Anti-theft feature to fend off pickpockets

Have you encountered pickpockets on your travels? A w design pays close attention to security. Cecil Pack's secret pocket is embedded in the back of your backpack, close to your hip, making it easy to reach your wallet and cell phone at any time.


6) Splash-proof to protect your stuff

Light rain? D your umbrella? Don’t want to get your bag wet at the beach? The Cecil Pack is water-repellent, shielding your possessions.

For the sake of convenience and efficiency, invest in a quality backpack to make life easier. The Cecil Pack should definitely be a contender.


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