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Recycling 35 plastic bottles into a laptop backpack, Moral x Leanne.LY leading green urban fashion

Recycling 35 plastic bottles into a laptop backpack, Moral x Leanne.LY leading green urban fashion

This "Budd Gizza" laptop backpack, co-designed by Moral and Leanne.LY, is an eco-friendly fashion product made from 35 recycled plastic bottles. The backpack's simple and elegant design embodies the fashionable concept of green urban living. Using recycled plastic bottles as the main material, it is not only environmentally friendly and durable, but also gives the user a strong sense of mission and meaning, reflecting the fashion industry's gradual shift towards sustainable development, where urban dwellers do not forget their natural roots.

Fashionable exterior suitable for urban elites, with functional interior
In the rapidly changing urban life, we not only hope for a fashionable and beautiful appearance to be an urban elite, but our inner qualities are often more important! The Moral x Leanne.LY Budd Gizza laptop backpack is fully functional, meeting the needs of every urban dweller who is sophisticated and cares about the natural environment. This backpack has a fashionable and minimalist design, with a slim profile, allowing you to easily coordinate with different outfits without feeling bulky or heavy, presenting a neat and elegant look.

In addition to the discreet "L" embroidery on the back, the collaboration version features a Persian blue embroidered "Moral x Leanne.LY", along with chunky stitching. Even without the use of denim fabric, it inexplicably evokes a casual, denim-inspired style, adding a touch of nonchalance to the functional laptop backpack, without compromising its eco-friendly credentials.

At the same time, its practicality is equally noteworthy. Firstly, it has a dedicated laptop compartment that can accommodate a 16-inch notebook computer, convenient for work or study. The interior also has two pockets for storing hard drives, mice, and other office or study essentials, keeping all items organized and easily accessible. Additionally, the backpack has two elastic side pockets for carrying water bottles and umbrellas, catering to any weather conditions. There is also a hidden pocket against the back to store valuable items, effectively preventing theft, making it the perfect partner for urban life.


This collaboration also comes with a small pouch accessory designed to look like a "jeans pocket". The pouch features a silver topstitching and an "L" embroidery, exuding a low-key sophistication and quality feel. It comes with a matte black hook that can be attached to the backpack, complementing the chunky stitching on the backpack.

Eco-friendly materials showcase the green attitude
Modern people are increasingly valuing inner qualities, especially environmental awareness. The Moral x Leanne.LY Budd Gizza laptop backpack is made from rPET, an eco-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, which is not only environmentally friendly but also more durable. It is estimated that 35 recycled plastic bottles were used in the production of this backpack! Whether you are an office worker or a student, you can showcase your environmental awareness and contribute to sustainable development by choosing this backpack.

Smart design for more convenient travel
Urban life also values smart product design to improve the convenience of a busy lifestyle. The Budd Gizza laptop backpack has a 180-degree fully-open main compartment, allowing you to easily access the contents inside. Additionally, the backpack has a detachable design on the side, so you can clip the straps to the side when not in use, preventing the backpack from touching the ground and increasing its flexibility. Finally, it also has an RFID-blocking layer to effectively prevent data theft and illegal scanning, protecting your privacy and security.

This eco-friendly and fashionable laptop backpack, co-designed by Moral and Leanne.LY, is undoubtedly an innovative product worth paying attention to. It is not only fashionable, eco-friendly, and durable, but also has outstanding smart design, bringing more convenience to urban life. We believe that as consumer demand for eco-friendly fashion products continues to grow, we look forward to Moral continuing to showcase its innovative capabilities, connecting people with shared values, and bringing more eco-friendly fashion surprises to urban life.

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