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【New Fabric】Arm Your Backpack with Waxed Canvas for Full Protection Against the Rainy Season Showdown!

【New Fabric】Arm Your Backpack with Waxed Canvas for Full Protection Against the Rainy Season Showdown!

Moral Bags continues to innovate and extend its reach with an eco-friendly approach, launching waxed canvas to combat the rainy season and fully cover backpacks, shielding you from wind and rain. Even in the drizzling rain, elegance should prevail. This time, Moral Bags introduce a low-key yet distinctive Vintage British color series, including Covert Green, Unexplored, Yale Blue, and Medium Khaki. These Vintage British colors will appear in the popular Cecil Compact Backpack as well as 8 newly launched bags and wallets, allowing you to exude a retro and stylish personality from the inside out.

The Perfect Combination of Fashion, Functionality, and Environmental Friendliness: Plastic-free Waterproof Fabric that Prevents Water Retention and Penetration

Waxed canvas is a special waterproof-treated canvas material known for its excellent water repellency and lightweight characteristics. Through the application of dry oil wax by heating and spreading it onto the canvas fibers, a water-repellent film is formed, effectively resisting light rain or water splashes. Waxed canvas provides all-around protection for the contents of your backpack, allowing you to enjoy worry-free journeys in any weather. Compared to other water-repellent materials, waxed canvas is relatively lightweight, reducing the burden on your shoulders.


Waxed canvas exudes a unique natural charm with its simple and soft texture, embodying the integration of canvas and nature. The canvas texture is clear, delicate, and uniform, showcasing the pure beauty of natural fibers. Under the sunlight, the surface of waxed canvas exhibits a subtle sheen, creating a natural play of light and shadow. This luster varies from different angles, giving a sense of depth and exploration, echoing the retro British temperament. It can only be discovered through careful observation, revealing its profound aesthetic appeal.

Based on the characteristics of the fabric, waxed canvas is not only water-repellent, lightweight, and stylish but also forms a protective layer after wax treatment, making it resistant to scratches. It is durable and versatile, suitable for both casual and formal occasions, adding an unique and fashionable touch to your outfits. Departing from fast fashion, waxed canvas emphasizes quality and durability, accompanying you effortlessly for a decade.


Consistent with Moral Bags' environmental principles, sustainability is given priority when selecting fabrics. The chosen waxed canvas in this collection meets the REACH standards, which assess the impact of chemicals or consumer products on public health and environmental risks. Waxed canvas has undergone strict testing and scrutiny, ensuring it is harmless to human health and the environment. To replace plastic with wax is to choose plastic-free materials, reducing the irreversible impact caused by plastic and leaving behind non-degradable plastic particles. While prioritizing quality, it offers an environmentally friendly choice, promoting sustainable living.

Journey through Time with British Fabric Colors: Covert Green, Unexplored, Yale Blue, and Medium Khaki, Embracing Classic Charm

  • Covert Green: This unique color carries historical and military connotations, exuding a deep ambiance that bring people back to the distant past. It also symbolizes strength and courage.
  • Unexplored: The deep black color emits an atmosphere of mystery and exploration, evoking a sense of adventure and mystery. Carrying a backpack in this shade brings confidence and unique style, exuding the energy of challenge and the unknown.
  • Yale Blue: This elegant and refined blue resembles the color used in the Yale University emblem. It emanates an atmosphere of wisdom and academia, evoking associations with the elegance and knowledge of top educational institutions.
  • Medium Khaki: This relatively light khaki tone plays a significant role in the British countryside style. It emphasizes comfort, naturalness, and elegance, blending traditional elements of the British countryside and complementing the natural scenery, creating a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere.


Embrace British Charm: Moral Bags' New Waxed Canvas Collection Invites You to Experience the Essence of Britain

Take your steps into the British ambiance as Moral Bags leads you into a new journey. The Cecil Compact Backpack has gained popularity among more and more office workers due to its large capacity and minimalist design. The new Vintage British color series adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your work attire. The Napier Rad series offers crossbody, coin wallet, card holders, and phone, also available in four color options, catering to your diverse needs from appearance to interior organization. The series also includes a water bottle bag, available in Covert Green or Unexplored, providing lightweight and portable hydration. The Northside Bostin series introduces messenger bags in three sizes: large, medium, and small, featuring compartment designs for easy categorization of items, all showcasing British style. The choice of four colors further emphasizes the charm of Vintage British aesthetics.

With the rainy season approaching, plastic-free waxed canvas will shield you from wind and rain. Paired with the four understated yet captivating Vintage British color options, we believe the upcoming new styles will bring you more surprises.


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