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The first backpack experiment project designed specifically with backpackers in mind

The first backpack experiment project designed specifically with backpackers in mind

​​The first backpack experiment project designed specifically with backpackers in mind

Traveller Backpack Prototype Project (ft. Kanya Chan)

Moral introduces, for the first time, The Prototype Project. The emphasis of The Prototype Project is on "feedback and improvement”, with the belief that collaboration with users leads to the creation of better products. The process of bringing ideas to life on the creative journey fascinates us, and is the reason we remain dedicated to creative pursuits. This time, we made the decision to embark on this exploration together with users, in the hope of stimulating ideas and jointly creating a unique masterpiece, exclusive to Moral and its users.

As designers, we strive to approach product design from the user's perspective, ensuring that functionality, appearance, and accessories are most suited to their needs. After receiving user feedback, the Moral team invests considerable time contemplating how to improve products, with the aim of releasing enhanced versions for its consumers. One day we had the idea of launching a creative, collaborative product design project starting from the user's point of view. The idea was to take the Traveller Backpack 0.5 version, upgrade it and create version 1.0. The Traveller Backpack Prototype Project was born!


For this project, we have teamed up with Kanya Chan for design and promotional activities. The Moral team has always enjoyed collaborating with Kanya - every interaction with her sparks a wealth of stimulating ideas. She has a love for adventure and exploration that’s similar to the great pleasure we take in accompanying our users on their journeys across different cities and terrains. We are excited to see you join with Kanya to unleash your creative energies and bring the new Traveller Backpack 1.0 version into being!

We don’t know the exact form this project’s final product will take, as each piece of feedback we receive will contribute to the refining process. We eagerly anticipate The Prototype Project propelling our products to the next level and strengthening our bond with our users as we collectively embrace the joy of the creative journey!

Project details

1. This experimental project will offer a limited release of 10 units of the 0.5 version Traveller Backpack at a discounted price of 60% off.
Original price: HK$2,399
- Experimental price: HK$1,439 (Promo code: MXKPROTOTYPE)

2. Participants are required to share their experiences and feedback on using the backpack by October 31, 2022.

3. When we officially launch the final 1.0 version, users will have the option of returning the 0.5 version to us and enjoying a special discounted price to purchase the new 1.0 version backpack.

>>> If you are interested in participating in this project, click here to make your purchase now.

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