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【Introduces Three New Colors】Reshaping a Minimalist and Lightweight Sustainable Fashion Style

【Introduces Three New Colors】Reshaping a Minimalist and Lightweight Sustainable Fashion Style

Hong Kong fashion bag brand Moral bags focuses on daily life in its design, aiming to connect fashion with environmental consciousness and create timeless and durable fashion bags. The popular CHOC A BLOC series recently added three new members, launching three new colors: Apricot Crush, Fondant Pink, and Cyber Lime, to embrace the fresh vibes of spring and summer. With a clean and sleek unisex design and versatile compartmentalization, these backpacks are fashionable and practical. Paired with the vibrant new colors, the Tait “CHOC A BLOC” Mini Backpack – KaBloom will be the highlight of your spring and summer outfits!

Minimalist Fashion, Miniature yet Functional
When you hear "small backpack," you may think of something impractical, but Moral Bags always emphasizes functionality. The interior compartments are thoughtfully designed for daily use, combining aesthetics and practicality. The use of recycled materials, adding an extra layer of environmental significance to the backpacks. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, transformed through multiple processes into rPET fabric, extending the lifespan of the plastic bottles and returning as a daily accessory, reshaping a new green fashion style.

Vibrant Three Colors, Welcoming Spring and Summer
As part of the popular CHOC A BLOC series by Moral bags, the three new colors bring a different kind of vitality and energy compared to the classic black, white, and gray. Apricot Crush exudes a bright and warm vibe, adding a touch of elegance to its youthful energy, reminiscent of the warm afternoon sun in summer. Fondant Pink captures the romantic colors of cherry blossoms, evoking a candy-like sweetness. Cyber Lime is refreshing and delightful, reminiscent of a tangy summer beverage.

Each of the three new colors has its own charm. While the backpacks themselves have a simple design, upon closer inspection, you will discover many thoughtful details. The brand name "MORAL" is embroidered on the front, and a distinctive round silver metal badge with the Moral logo is placed at the bottom right corner, making them special limited editions of the three new colors! The simple design combined with clever details ensures that the backpacks' colors shine without overpowering, adding vitality and energy to your overall look!

Versatile Compartmentalization, Lightweight and Commuter-Friendly
Moral Bags' designs focus on practicality and satisfying users' needs. The  Tait “CHOC A BLOC” Mini Backpack – KaBloom features well-thought-out internal designs with ample storage space for daily use. The padded sleeve can fit an 11-inch tablet, while the front zip pocket is convenient for storing frequently used items. The quick-access side pockets on both sides are perfect for water bottles and collapsible umbrellas. The hidden zip pocket at the back provides a secure place for valuable items, giving you peace of mind while traveling. The built-in RFID anti-theft compartment adds an extra layer of invisible protection, preventing theft of personal information from your documents. With everything neatly organized in the backpack, you no longer have to rummage through it like looking for a needle in a haystack. The shoulder straps are padded for added comfort and reduced shoulder burden. The Tait “CHOC A BLOC” Mini Backpack – KaBloom is perfect for lightweight daily commuting, whether for school or work.


Prepare for your 2024 spring and summer, add color to your mundane commutes, and create a stylish and vibrant look while practicing sustainable living. As a consumer, you can also participate in environmental conservation by incorporating eco-friendly choices into your life. Embrace your personal style and showcase sustainability with the  Tait “CHOC A BLOC” Mini Backpack – KaBloom, making a statement in sustainable fashion!

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