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【How to choose a hiking backpack? The complete roundup】

How to choose a hiking backpack? The complete roundup

Recently, more and more people choose not to go to shopping malls or movie theaters during the weekend. They would rather go hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities. Today, Moral will share how to choose your "best outdoor backpack" from four aspects!


When it comes to outdoor activities, many people think using a backpack will make your back very uncomfortable, because your back would be very hot and sweaty. Therefore, when you choose a backpack for outdoor use, be sure you choose one with breathable material. At the same time, remember to check if the material is light enough. Otherwise, including all your personal stuff, it may become very heavy! If you are an experienced hiker, you may go to more challenging routes, such as water streams, rain forests etc . You can consider the Northside Flip Top Backpack. Its water-repellent and tear-resistant polyester material can be an advantage in these challenging routes!


We also think appearance and outlook is an important factor! We absolutely agree that even if we are going hiking or other outdoor activities, it’s still important to look good. If you usually use the backpack for outdoor activities or hiking, the most important thing is to see whether the backpack is simple and fashionable enough. Remember not to choose one that is too fancy or has too many accessories. If you prefer a backpack which is simple and clean, then Nova Backpack and Rochester Backpack are your choice.


If you go hiking, there will be quite a lot of personal items inside your backpack, such as towels, food, water, sunscreen, first aid kit, etc. So, the capacity of your backpack is also very important. But at the same time, you also need to take weight into consideration. If you are going to bring lots of stuff and the backpack itself is not light, you would have to carry the heavy bag throughout the whole route! If you like big backpacks, you should check out Nighthawks Backpack Military, the 29-liter capacity will allow you to put a lot of stuff in it!


If there are already so many personal items in your backpack, if the backpack does not come with a good compartment design, it would be very difficult for you to find what you want! That would be very important when you want to quickly get something during hiking. If you often must find things in the backpack while you are on the road, you must take note of the UMAGO Backpack! UMAGO has a flexible front opening and a spacious main compartment, which is very convenient

If you are also preparing to go hiking, camping, or go for other outdoor activities during weekends, you may want to look at the backpacks that Moral recommends to you! Backpacks that we recommend you this time include Nova Backpack, Rochester Backpack, Northside FlipTop Backpack, UMAGO Backpack, Nighthawks Backpack Military.

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