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【Gift for 2022 Valentine's Day Practical gifts for your lover!】

【Gift for 2022 Valentine's Day  Practical gifts for your lover!】

Choosing a Valentine's Day gift is similar to choosing Christmas gifts. We all want to avoid giving gifts that aren't practical or attractive. That's why Moral has made a selection of Valentine's Day gifts so you can give your valentine a thoughtful and practical gift. It doesn't matter if you don't have a valentine now, because this promotion is really attractive. You might also get it for yourself! Let's take a look at the selected items!

Cecil Compact

Simple style, multi-colour options

Cecil Compact is one of Moral’s most popular items. We believe it is due to a few reasons. Firstly, Cecil Compact comes with lots of colour choices. There must be a colour that matches your style.

Secondly, when Moral designed the Cecil Compact, we wanted to keep the backpack light, but keep a decent capacity at the same time. With a capacity of 22L it is absolutely sufficient for daily use. A 16-inch laptop will also fit in.

Thirdly, the Cecil Compact has a lot of compartments. We all must have a lot of personal items or necessities when we go out. The Cecil Compact’s compartments and hidden pockets could definitely let users organize these small items and you could find them easily.

Budd Backpack – Mini

A small backpack with both appearance and practicality

The Minibudd is one of the best choices for girls, because of its cute appearance. It can be easily matched with any style. The size isn't big, but it’s sufficient to put all things you need when you go to work, school or shopping. It is definitely a good choice for daily use.

The Mini Budd is not only great because of its appearance. Just like the Cecil Compact mentioned above, there are plenty of compartments and hidden pockets, allowing you to arrange personal items well. It is a practical small backpack but it’s also very user-friendly.

Have you picked a gift for Valentine's Day? Consider these two backpacks and give you and your valentine a practical and beautiful gift!

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