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【A simple and practical backpack for work - Moral’s Beaufort, Perfect for work and travel!】

【A simple and practical backpack for work - Moral’s Beaufort, Perfect for work and travel!】

Moral really loves Beaufort since it is suitable for almost any occasion. Many customers came to Moral’s store and immediately purchase one when they saw it. A lot of customers’ review tell us in reviews that Beaufort is really good value for money. A backpack that can be used for work and daily use may cost about HKD800 - 1000, but the price of Beaufort is definitely excellent value!


Let me share with you why Beaufort is so popular!

The square design makes Beaufort look more formal and even a bit hipsterish. The size of Beaufort is also not be too big. Even if you are slim, Beaufort would not be too big for you! Beaufort’s thin design results with a outlook which is not bulky. You don’t have to worry about blocking others or getting caught by the door when you are on a busy train.

Beaufort has three colours to choose, black, dark grey, and light grey. These three colours are more low-key. If you needto be more formal for work, Beaufort is absolutely a perfect fit! The stylish design won’t look dull even with low-key colours. If you want to embellish the dull outfit, you could pick the light grey one so it could become a highlight of your outfit. If you think pure black is too dull and light grey is too causal, dark grey may be your cup of tea!

In addition, Beaufort has a relatively strong support. Even if the bag is empty, it would not look collapsed. Equipped with multiple compartments, it can also hold multiple folders, computers and tablets.

If you are looking for a backpack for formal wear at work, Beaufort is definitely one of the choices you can't miss! A super cost-effective and practical backpack is really hard to find!

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