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【A must-have small crossbody bag for everyday use - Downtown Crossbody】

【A must-have small crossbody bag for everyday use - Downtown Crossbody】

Heading into 2022, Moral proudly presents the latest crossbody bag - Downtown Crossbody.

In recent years, regardless of male and female users, crossbody bags have become one of the favourite bags for daily use, especially during holidays, we all want to put down our heavy backpacks and tote bags and use a light cross-body bag.

Looking small but offering a large capacity

If you judge from its appearance, Downtown Crossbody is definitely small. It is only as small as a novel, but you can put a lot of things in it. When Moral was designing this crossbody bag, we also wanted to ensure a sufficient capacity. At the same time, we wanted to keep it light and small. Now, we think it is exactly the perfect size which is really suitable for everyday use. We have actually tested it and put e-books, small water bottles, chargers, lipsticks, tissues, and other personal items into the bag. The size is really suitable for every day use. In addition to the main compartment space, the crossbody bag is also equipped with several buckles, where you can keep your earphones, hand sanitizer, etc. on the bag without wasting space and keeping the items accessible.


A small bag with multiple compartments

When we use small bags, many users reflect that the bag comes with insufficient compartments or zipper bags. Users can only put all personal items in the main compartment, and it is very difficult to get things. Even though the Downtown Crossbody is small, it has multiple layers and zipper compartments, which allow users to organize personal belongings in the bag. There is also a compartment for putting keys. You don’t need to pour all things out to find your key. In addition, there is also a zipped inner compartment with RFID function in the main compartment, so you don’t have to worry leaking your personal information!


Thoughtful design

In addition to its functions and materials, Moral also understands the appearance is very important. Not only a simple shape, Moral also wants to make the strap special, by using a "Tie-Dye" strap! The simple style and the special strap combine to be a fashionable design, making the bag good for both casual and formal occasions.

The Downtown Crossbody is suitable for any gender and age. If you are just heading out and don’t want to bring a big bag, the Downtown Crossbody is definitely a good choice!

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