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【3 Best Daypacks for Hiking】

【3 Best Daypacks for Hiking】

As we are approaching October and autumn, I believe a lot of us will go hiking again. Hiking lovers are you ready? Today, Moral would want to share with you outfits for hiking, and how Moral's practical and stylish backpacks could fit in. We believe these bags could highlight your hiking outfits!

moral cecil backpack for work

Cecil Compact Backpack – Stealth Bomber Edition, which is very popular on Kickstarter, must be one of the choices. Simple design, but it comes with a lot of functions! It is very suitable for work, school, hiking, or leisure!

The weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable. Even if it is sunny in the morning, it might suddenly rain heavily. The Cecil Compact Backpack uses a water-repellent design, which could be used during rainy days. If the weather is worse or raining heavily, you could also add a waterproof cover to strengthen the water-proof functionality. 

More features of the Cecil Compact Backpack:

- Light material, the backpack’s net weight is only 740g

- With luggage strap attached, suitable for staycation and travelling

- Low-friction backing sponge, reducing damage to clothes

- Equipped with waterproof zipper rubber edge to prevent water during rainy days

- RFID anti-theft compartment to protect your things against unwanted scanning of personal data

- Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles

- 17" laptop computer thickened sponge interlayer

- Thickened sponge interlayer for tablet computer

- Are more...

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Moral Rocherste Backpack, Best for hikingRochester is another backpack that everyone loves for a simple reason. It's an easy match for different styles! If you think the Cecil Compact Backpack is a bit too manly for girls, Rochester is definitely a suitable style for both men and women.

The squared design makes the overall look and usage more practical and easy to match. The capacity of Rochester is definitely good for hiking, while you could have food, clothes and personal items in it.

More Rochester features:

- Water repellent and tear resistant polyester fabric

- Fleece lined sunglasses pocket

- Laptop and tablet compartment

- Soft and comfortable mesh fabric padded shoulder strap

- Large capacity: 22L

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Moral Budd Backpack for WomenThe last backpack we want to recommend is the Budd Backpack (Mini/Little). Moral highly recommends this backpack. Boys can choose the Little version with a larger capacity. It would also be good even if you carry one or two more bottles of water for your friends while you hike. Girls can choose the Mini version. Although its name is “Mini”, it is not mini at all. It is absolutely sufficient to bring water bottles, umbrellas, small coats, etc.!

Budd Backpack - Mini

Little Budd Backpack

More Budd Backpack features:

- Can be worn in three different ways

- With the button on the side of the bag, you can buckle the strap on the side when it is not in use

- Hidden back zipper pocket, protecting valuables such as documents

- RFID anti-theft compartment to protect your things

- Built-in detachable small hook in the auxiliary compartment, which can be used for padlocks, keys, etc.

The above 3 backpacks are very suitable for our weekend hiking. Of course, if you need to camp overnight, or if you need to hike for a long time, you should really use more professional backpacks. Remember these backpacks are only suitable for light hiking~

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