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【2023 Cherry Blossom Season】Have you got your hands on a cherry blossom-themed bag yet?

【2023 Cherry Blossom Season】Have you got your hands on a cherry blossom-themed bag yet?

Beautiful spring is all about pink softness! Whether it's going on an outing, a picnic, or on your daily commute, carrying a pink-themed bag will definitely lift your mood! Moral has carefully selected some pink-toned bags and accessories perfect for spring.

1. Budd Backpack – Mini (Dust Pink / Rose Smoke)

Shop now >>> Budd Backpack – Mini

Both color options exude a delicate, romantic feel that perfectly matches the ambiance of spring. This backpack is of a moderate size, allowing you to effortlessly carry personal belongings and essentials. If you are looking for a compact, versatile bag suitable for various occasions, the Budd Backpack Mini is a great choice.

2. Tait "CHOC A BLOC" Tiny Bag - Lt. Weight (Rose Smoke)

Shop now >>> Tait "CHOC A BLOC" Tiny Bag - Lt. Weight

This bag is exquisite, incredibly petite and its soft pink hue adds a touch of sweetness to any outfit. It’s perfect for everyday outings and can accommodate small essentials like a wallet, keys, and more. If you want to create an adorable, sweet look, this bag is definitely the perfect choice!

3. Northside Mini Messenger – Light Weight (Rose Smoke)

Shop now >>> Northside Mini Messenger – Light Weight

If you need to carry more items with you on a daily basis, the Northside Mini Messenger is here to help! This crossbody bag offers ample space to accommodate your everyday essentials, making it perfect for daily use. With its minimalist design, this bag stands out when paired with light-colored outfits, creating a relaxed, natural look.

4. Perry Passport Wallet – Women (Dusty Pink) and Rose Round Pocket - Mini – Women (Dusty Pink)

Shop now >>> Perry Passport Wallet / Rose Round Pocket - Mini


If you feel that carrying a pink-themed bag is a bit too cutesy, consider adding a cherry blossom-themed accessory to your bag. It will add a touch of pink while keeping the overall color balance in check - perfect for those who love pink but don't want it to be overwhelming.

If you are using our cherry blossom-themed bags, why not try different styling options to create a balanced, fresh look? We look forward to you sharing your daily outfit of the day (OOTD) with us!

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