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得獎者將於2023年2月7日於Moral Facebook專頁公布

How to join? 參加方法

Step 1 第一步

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Step 2 第二步

Answer a question

Step 3 第三步

The 5 most creative answer will win the prize

Prize 獎品


Nighthawks Military 托特包(大碼)*1、Downtown 紮染風隨身斜背包*1、Clifton 手抓包*1、Moral雨衣*1、Moor 再生帆布袋*1、$100網上現金券*3


Nighthawks Military 托特包(中碼) 或 Cecil Compact 休閒通勤雙肩背囊*1、Clifton 手抓包*1、Moral雨衣*1、Moor 再生帆布袋*1、$100網上現金券*2


Tait "CHOC A BLOC" 背包*1、Clifton 手抓包*1、Moor 再生帆布袋*1、$100網上現金券*1

* indicates required


1. 得獎結果將以大會紀錄為準。參加者對是次活動及評審決定均不得異議。
2. 所有參加者須提交的資料必須完整及正確,不得更改。任何不完整或錯誤資料,將不會受理。
3. 得獎結果將於Moral專頁公佈。得獎者須在指定的領獎期內提供所需領獎資料,逾期即被取消資格,Moral將不會補發奬品。 
4. 如得獎者因任何情況未能或逾期出示所需領獎資料,則將被視作自行放棄領獎權利。
5. 是次活動所有送出之獎品將不得退換、轉讓、轉售或兌換現金,並須受其有關條款及細則,以及聲明和授權之約束。
6. 參加者屬自願性質參加本活動,凡參與此活動之人士,即表示同意並接受本條款及細則之約束。 
7. Moral保留一切更改或取消是次活動及其有關安排的絕對權利而毋須另行通知。如有任何爭議,Moral將保留最終決定權。

Terms and Conditions of Campaign:
1. The result of the award will be based on the record of the host conference. Participants cannot object to the event or the judging decision.
2. All information submitted by participants must be complete and correct, and cannot be changed. Any incomplete or incorrect information will not be accepted.
3. The results will be announced on Moral's fan page. Winners must provide the required award claim information within the specified award claim period, otherwise they will be disqualified, and Moral will not reissue the prize.
4. The winner will be deemed to have forfeited his or her right to the prize if he or she fails to produce the required information or is late in presenting the required information for any reason.
5. All prizes given out in this event cannot be returned, transferred, resold or exchanged for cash, and are subject to its relevant terms and conditions, as well as statements and authorizations.
6. Participation in this event is voluntary. Anyone who participates in this event agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions. 
7. Moral reserves the absolute right to change or cancel the event and its related arrangements without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, Moral reserves the right of final decision.
8. This event is only available in Hong Kong.