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Recycle Story of Moral

Combining environmental protection and design, Moral integrates design concepts with environmental protection concepts to inspire the public to integrate life into environmental protection. Therefore, we aim at promoting the concept of environmental protection while shopping.

There were many fabric scraps in the textile industry that could not be used during the manufacture process. And these scraps were often used as fillings for dolls. However, as the factories moved away, there was no one recycling. Many companies would dispose those shredded fabrics. But in fact, we should be responsible for waste disposal fees and incineration. Other than money, this also destroys the environment. It was such a waste to dispose those reusable fabrics. Therefore, Moral always find a way to put resources back to the right place and also protect the environment at the same time.

Moral decided to create reusable eco-friendly bags. These recycled canvas bags not only recycle the rags that were supposed to be disposed, they also bring out the concept of Moral. We hope that the public can contribute to the earth together. In addition, the patterns on the recycled canvas bags are very fashionable and cute. In fact, the recycled canvas bag uses the design of local illustrator - tomato_jai. Moral wants to support local creators when we are contributing to environmental protection!

In addition to the canvas bags, Moral also uses rPET which is fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Moral uses this fabric to make a brand new backpack. In addition to canvas bags, we also hope to use these environmentally friendly materials in different scenarios, so that everyone can protect the earth while consuming!

Moral decided to act immediately. Moral reduced the use of paper bags and plastic bags in stores and switch to self-made recycled canvas bags, and gradually replace the original packaging paper bags in stores. Moral aims at giving wasted fabrics a second life and encourage the public to use reusable canvas bags instead of disposable packaging!