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【Moral Cecil Series - A series which is lightweight, practical, large capacity, for both work and leisure】

【Moral Cecil Series - A series which is lightweight, practical, large capacity, for both work and leisure】

One of Moral's most popular series is the Cecil series. We get why this series is so popular after seeing the feedback from our customers. The Cecil series backpacks are different from those backpacks only designed for work. The Cecil series won’t be too formal or old-fashioned. While the backpack could be capable to carry lots of things, it won’t look too bulky either. In addition, Moral also has a caring consideration with the internal design. In order to be able to use during work and leisure time, there are a large number of pockets, storage space, and computer compartment in the main compartment. So, you could be very organized with your personal items!
Why is the Cecil series always our "Backpack Recommended for Work"? Because it is suitable for both men and women, even you are using while wearing a suit or going to work. There are also different color choices such as red and black and so on. Let's take a look at the difference between the three backpacks of the Cecil series from the aspects of capacity and weight, material, interval, and color.

Capacity and weight
As the first Cecil series backpack, the Cecil Pack has a capacity of 20L. It is the right size for both men and women. Moral also wants the backpack to be light. Therefore, the Cecil Pack is only 740 grams. Even you are using it all day long, it won’t be a burden for your shoulders. And we have upgraded the materials and design of Cecil Compact Backpack and Cecil Compact Backpack – Stealth Edition. The capacity has been slightly increased to 22 liters, but the net weight of the backpack has only been slightly increased by 10 grams, keeping it light.

As a Hong Kong backpack brand, we have always hoped that we can adhere to our beliefs. When people buy our backpacks, they could also contribute to be environmentally friendly. Therefore, for all three styles, we have chosen rPET Recycled environmentally friendly polyester fabric, which is made from plastic bottles, that meet GRS standards.

The greatest feature of the Cecil series is that all backpacks have a large main compartment with multiple built-in storage pockets, which is suitable for users who like to be neat and tidy. Users could put personal items in the backpack in an orderly manner. At the same time, there are also RFID anti-theft inner pockets, as well as built-in pockets, hidden back pockets, etc. These features could solve the biggest issue of backpacks, which is security issue. The biggest difference between the three Cecil backpacks is capacity. For the main compartment, the Cecil Pack can hold a 17-inch laptop and a 13-inch tablet; while the Cecil Compact and Cecil Compact Backpack-Stealth Edition can hold 16-inch laptop and 12-inch tablet due to the thickened sponge interlayer for even better protection.

Cecil Pack has a variety of color options, including black, dark blue, dark gray, light gray and white. It is very convenient for users to take what they need. For example, if you are using the backpack for leisure more, you can choose dark blue or light gray; the most popular choice for ladies would be white; and if you want to choose a backpack at work, you could choose black or dark gray. Cecil Compact would be more of a backpack for leisure use, so there is a variety of colors to choose from, including black, pink, dark gray, light gray, red, yellow, and green. If you like matching different colors with your clothes, you must choose Cecil Compact! As for Cecil Compact Backpack-Stealth Edition, it focuses more on simplicity, fashion, and classic. There is now a black option.
All in all, the Cecil series is a suitable for a lot of you in terms of appearance and practicality. Whether you want a backpack to be used for work or leisure, you can definitely find one that suits you! Let’s go to the Moral store to check out the backpacks and get one home!

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