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【3 Reasons to Choose rPET Fabric Backpacks 】Sustainable Backpack Brand – Moral Bags

【3 Reasons to Choose rPET Fabric Backpacks 】Sustainable Backpack Brand – Moral Bags

3 Reasons to Choose rPET Fabric Backpacks

Saving the earth requires much effort from many different players. But have you ever considered protecting the environment through your purchases? By choosing the right products, you can not only recycle a significant amount of plastic waste but also reduce carbon emissions. An easy way to do this is by selecting eco-friendly bags. Opting for an rPET fabric backpack allows you to make an environmentally-friendly choice without compromising on durability and functionality.


1. Environmentally-friendly

rPET fabric is created by extracting yarn from recycled plastic bottles and transforming it into a material made with the resulting regenerated fibers. This innovative technology not only significantly extends the lifespan of products, it also reduces dependence on natural resources, promoting a sustainable, low-carbon lifestyle. By repurposing plastic waste into a versatile fabric, rPET helps divert plastic bottles away from landfills and oceans, mitigating the harmful impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

rPET Fabric

rPET fabric has found widespread application in a variety of products, ranging from eco-friendly backpacks and shoulder bags to camera backpacks and sportswear. Eco-conscious consumers now have a wide range of options to choose from. Caring for the earth by buying eco-friendly bags has become an option that’s easily in reach and it can play an essential role in creating a more sustainable, responsible world.

To take our Nova Straya Laptop Backpack 22L as an example, the production of one Nova Straya eco-friendly backpack involves recycling approximately 37 discarded plastic bottles into rPET fabric. This translates to a reduction of 932.4 grams of carbon emissions, contributing significantly to efforts to mitigate the greenhouse effect. This is what we mean by eco-friendly bags!

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Nova Straya Backpack 22L

By employing this method of recycling and repurposing plastic bottles to produce our rPET fabric backpacks, not only do we reduce the demand for petroleum but we also promote the development of a circular economy. Through the use of rPET material, we can all make a contribution to environmental protection whilst enjoying high-quality products.

Circular economy

2. Lightweight and Durable 

rPET fabric is known for its outstanding durability and strength. By incorporating the properties of plastic into the fabric, backpacks made with rPET fabric are resistant to stains and water absorption. They are also more resistant to abrasion, compared to those made with traditional polyester fibers, making them less prone to damage and tearing. Whether in wet or dry environments, these eco-friendly bags maintain their shape without wrinkling, yet offer remarkable elasticity and durability. This allows them to be used for extended periods without compromising their quality.

Little Budd Backpack

Aside from its durability, rPET fabric is also lightweight, making it an ideal choice for crafting lightweight, portable backpacks like the eco-friendly Little Budd Backpack with its easy-to-carry features. These qualities enable consumers to carry rPET fabric backpacks with ease in their day-to-day lives and while traveling, and to enjoy the convenience and comfort they offer. Choosing eco-friendly bags made from rPET fabric not only guarantees high-quality performance and convenience but is also a decision to actively participate in the practice of low-carbon living, promotion of a circular economy, and making a positive impact on our planet.

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Little Budd Backpack

3. Quick-drying

The quick-drying nature of rPET fabric is one of its distinct advantages. Thanks to its low moisture absorption, rPET fabric allows for the rapid evaporation of water from the surface of a backpack, greatly expediting the drying process. This feature proves particularly useful for applications that require swift drying, especially in regions with high humidity or frequent rainfall. For example, when engaging in outdoor travel or water activities, using an eco-friendly bag crafted from rPET fabric ensures it dries quickly, even in moist environments. Nobody wants a damp backpack!

Water repellent

rPET fabric also boasts antimicrobial and stain-resistant properties, making it highly suitable for environments prone to dust and dirt. Cleaning eco-friendly bags made with rPET fabric is remarkably easy and convenient. All that’s needed is to gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth to eliminate stains and restore the backpack to its original clean, pristine state.

Umago Stag I

No matter if you're engaging in outdoor pursuits, going on travel adventures, or simply using it in daily life, the eco-friendly Umago Stag I Backpack, which combines all the amazing characteristics of rPET fabric, is your perfect choice. The eco-friendly Umago Stag I Backpack excels at quick drying, even in humid environments. Additionally, its rPET fabric possesses stain-resistant properties, which means that if you get dirt or other stains on your backpack during outdoor activities, it can be easily cleaned, allowing it to maintain a fresh appearance.

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Umago Stag I

rPET fabric is a premium, eco-friendly choice, combining lightweight durability and quick-drying characteristics. This fabric not only reduces reliance on natural resources and facilitates a low-carbon lifestyle but also delivers long-lasting performance and a comfortable experience for consumers. Opting for eco-friendly bags crafted from rPET fabric is a choice that is both environmentally friendly and helps with the promotion of a circular economy.


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