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Nighthawks Grog Backpack Combo Set - L

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Introducing the Nighthawks Grog Backpack Combo Set - L, the ultimate bundle for storing liquids and enjoying your time at the beach. This combo set includes 3 essential items that will enhance your outdoor experience: 

  1. Nighthawks Grog Backpack - L  :  Perfect for liquor lovers who want to carry their drinks with style nad ease. The temperature-controlled compartment keeps your bottles cool for 6-8 hours, ensuring that you can enjoy a refreshing sip even on hot summer days. 

  2. Nighthawks Meshy Bag - L  :  It is a versatile addition to your backpack combo set. It is perfect for storing wet items such as towels, swimwear, or even sand toys. Put it inside the Nighthawks Grog Backpack  to save space ! 

  3. [Free] Nighthawks Hot & Cold Pack :  This pack is perfect for keeping your drinks cold or your food warm during your beach adventures.

Don't miss out on this incredible bundle that combines style, functionality, and convenience.

Nighthawks Grog Backpack - L:
Capacity: 25L
Net weight: 1200g
Fits laptop: 17"
Dimensions: 44x31x15cm

Nighthawks Meshy Bag - L:
Capacity: 20L
Net weight: 450g
Dimensions: 38x31x13cm

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Nighthawks Grog Backpack Combo Set - L


Product Features


Temperature-controlled compartment


Breathable mesh material