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【Support Hong Kong Local Creators!】

【Support Hong Kong Local Creators!】

Fitzroy, the birthplace of Moral Bag Co, can be found on the fringe of Melbourne city. Fitzroy is known throughout Australia for its eclectic mix of people, amazing street art, music scene, bars and restaurants.

True to this spirit, Moral started to support local creative scene in Hong Kong. 

Today, Moral Bags introduces five local creators to everyone, working together to encourage cultural exchange and support local cultures!

 1. Anson Cheung

Anson Cheung is a Hong Kong technology content creator who often publishes reviews, analysis, unboxing and actual testing of electronic products. In line with the concept of "when you stop trying, it is time to fail", constantly strive for improvement and excellence when introducing electronic products.

12.9" iPad Pro (2021):三個月後,值唔值得買?M1 iPad Pro vs M1 Macbook 買邊部好?|2021 M1 iPad Pro 評測

2. PaperZi (米紙)

Paper Zi was established in 2021 which mainly introduces local stories and community topics in Hong Kong. Also introducing the 

lesser-known aspect of Hong Kong from a leisure and interesting perspective to the audience.

實試打工系列|按摩師月薪達三萬多元 最難忍受被客人「鹹豬手」Sybil做學徒會唔會出事?!(#米紙 #失業姐)

3. Vee Travel (暴力Violencee 生活誌)

Vee Travel was founded in 2018, mainly introduces different living goods, photography products, etc. "Street Shooting Project in Hong Kong" is a campaign that using the lens to tell the story of Hong Kong culture. Hong Kong – is always beautiful and multi-cultural.  

#致獅子山下的香港人 -【 好 好 生 活 】|Shot On Canon EOS C70

4. Mario & Momo

Mario & Momo is a local vlogger in Hong Kong, sharing the experience of foreign life in the early days and sharing their interesting daily lives. After returning to Hong Kong, sharing their stories, experiences, and knowledge with the general public.

比賽途中發脾氣 | 與伍家朗曾是同學 | 分享我小時候的網球夢 | 運動員的心理壓力與付出

5. Kjack (奇Jack)

Kjack is also a technology content creator. As well as introducing and evaluating various electronic products and latest technology information, he also shares his experience in film production and photography skills. 

Moral is committed to promote local cultural exchange and fully supports local Hong Kong creators to produce more and better works in the future to promote cultural integration.

DJI AIR 2S 介紹評測!點止升級咁簡單!簡直係新手嘅選擇!5.4k| 大師攝影一鍵搞掂晒!

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