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【MORAL Sets the Trend with Night Reflective Style】 UMAGO STAG II - 3DMX: The Ultimate Backpack for Urban Riders

【MORAL Sets the Trend with Night Reflective Style】 UMAGO STAG II - 3DMX: The Ultimate Backpack for Urban Riders

Leading a new era of mobile fashion with green intelligence.

▍A Night Reflective backpack with astonishingly large capacity and water-resistant functionality.


MORAL BAGS, a brand that creates sustainable fashion bags from recycled plastic bottles, proudly introduces their first Night Reflective style, the "UMAGO STAG II Backpack - 3DMX Stealth Edition," a fashionable backpack designed for urban riders. This backpack combines style, comfort, and functionality, making it the perfect choice for cyclists, motorcyclists, and those who commute at night.


Enhancing Night Safety with New Reflective Fabric

The UMAGO Stag II Backpack - 3DMX Stealth Edition is made with high-quality reflective material that ensures urban riders and other nighttime pedestrians stand out on roads or slopes with its reflective design. No longer will they have to worry about being unnoticed in low-light environments, as this backpack significantly enhances safety during nighttime cycling or hiking!

▍ Reflective effect in low-light environments.

▍ The backpack's reflective surface ensures visibility and enhances safety during nighttime rides.

Versatile Storage and Spacious Size for Rider's Preparedness

With limited storage space on bicycles and motorcycles, riders often need to carry their belongings with them. Recognizing this, MORAL introduces two practical capacities - Medium size 22L and Large size 30L, along with a range of special storage designs to cater to various needs of riders on the go!


The UMAGO Stag II Backpack - 3DMX Stealth Edition is a night reflective backpack that offers a wealth of functionality, including quick-release magnetic buckle design and a 180° zipper opening, making it convenient for riders to access their helmets, gloves, or mountaineering gear. The main compartment features 8 different functional compartments or inner pockets, as well as a dedicated compartment for 16 or 17-inch laptops. It also comes with an RFID anti-theft pocket to prevent data theft and illegal scanning.


With its spacious storage and intelligent compartmentalization, MORAL once again achieves a balance between functionality and sustainability.

▍Wherever you go, especially when you need to carry many things, it provides spacious storage space for you.


Upholding the Brand Philosophy: Eco-friendly Water-Repellent Fabric

While catering to urban riders, MORAL remains committed to its sustainable fashion principles by using the brand's signature fabric, a durable and water-repellent fabric made from recycled water bottles (rPET). Each purchase helps reduce the number of plastic bottles in our environment! The purchase of the Large size contributes to approximately 35 recycled water bottles, while the Medium size contributes to approximately 30 recycled water bottles!


In addition, the backpack features a full water-repellent zipper design and a special water-repellent coating, keeping the rider's night gear dry and protecting against sudden showers or splashes on the road. Even in the face of general dirt, the rPET fabric can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe, making it easy to maintain.

▍The durable and water-repellent rPET fabric ensures that the backpack can withstand various weather conditions and road dust during daily use.


Ergonomic Design Ensures Riding Comfort


Comfort is essential during long rides. The UMAGO Stag II Backpack - 3DMX Stealth Edition in the Large size is designed with ergonomics in mind. The thickened shoulder straps reduce pressure on the back and shoulders. The adjustable chest strap provides additional comfort. The specially selected thickened back panel offers extra support, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed experience during extended rides.

▍The thicker shoulder straps and back panel in the Large size reduce the burden while increasing capacity.

Leading the Era of Green Mobility: Everyone is a Rider


In the concept of green urban living, we increasingly pursue mobility and freedom, opting for green modes of transportation such as cycling. We enjoy the convenience of city life while caring about the environment and our own health, finding a balance and sustainability in the urban setting.


As a relatively economical and flexible mode of transportation on congested roads, motorcycles are gaining popularity among riders. The number of registered motorcycles in Hong Kong reached 75,229 in 2022, showing a higher growth rate compared to other vehicle categories.


In Hong Kong, almost everyone is a rider, whether you are a cyclist or a motorcyclist, and this backpack will be your best companion. Don't settle for an ordinary backpack that limits your nighttime adventures. Choose this impressive night reflective backpack with its large capacity and water-resistant functionality!

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