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Congratulations to local mixologist Leo for winning the title of World Mixologist at the IBA World Cocktail Competition 2023

Congratulations to local mixologist Leo for winning the title of World Mixologist at the IBA World Cocktail Competition 2023

Leo holding a trophy

Moral, an Australian brand rooted in the art streets, proudly supports local creatives to shine. Leo, the Director of Beverage at Cordis, Hong Kong. With his exceptional skills, expertise, and meticulousness, Leo emerged triumphant at the IBA World Cocktail Competition. In a remarkable display of talent, he crafted five cocktails in just 6 minutes and 56 seconds. Among his creations, "Way to Tropical Paradise" stood out, earning him the prestigious Cocktail of the year (Low ABV Category). Inspired by the local specialty drink "Yuan Yang," Leo ingeniously combined coffee and alcohol to create the captivating flavor profile of his cocktail "Came to Connect". Additionally, he received the titles of World Bartender of the year and Best Sensory Skill. On his journey to the world stage, Leo chose Moral's Nighthawks Grog Backpack to compete.

Leo creating a cocktail

Leo, a former bar butler who has now become a bartender, dedicatedly memorizes the recipes, steps, and ingredients of various cocktails. He practices repeatedly, often getting almost drunk in his pursuit of creating a satisfying cocktail. The satisfaction and smiles of each customer serve as encouragement for Leo to continue his research and exploration.

In preparation for this competition, Leo invested a significant amount of time studying the history of mixology, as well as acquiring knowledge about the optimal height of bar tables and other related subjects. Equally important was adjusting his mental state to be calm and composed. For instance, to overcome the nervousness brought by the environment, Leo arrived at the hotel two days in advance and practiced on-site to get into the right mindset. Even when faced with the pressure of competing against industry giants or the discomfort of close-up shots taken by photographers, Leo manages to maintain his composure and focus on crafting the perfect cocktail right in front of him. The pressure of the competition drives him to excel.

When asked about his experience with the Nighthawks Grog Backpack, Leo replied, "I love its practicality, elegant design, and comfort. It can neatly store different types of items, making it convenient for my work and leisure activities. The compartments are well-organized, with each item having its own dedicated space. Not only can I fit three large bottles of wine, but I can also store cocktail tools, bottle openers, cigar cutters on the side wings, and even carry my laptop. The sleek black appearance of the Nighthawks complements both my professional image and everyday outfits, making it suitable for male users. The backpack design allows me to easily carry my belongings to competitions".

Furthermore, when discussing what sets Nighthawks apart from other brands, Leo candidly stated, "Its insulation function! It can keep beverages warm for 6-8 hours, which is highly valuable for a bartender. Temperature is a sensation, an experience that I truly appreciate. I wholeheartedly recommend Nighthawks to individuals who appreciate a tasteful lifestyle".

Moral has always listened to the needs of different creators, optimizing the appearance, design, and materials of their bags to provide a high-quality and personalized product experience. Moral is honored to collaborate with outstanding creators like Leo and accompany them on their journey to shine. Once again, congratulations to Leo on his triumphant return, and Moral will continue to uplift local creators.



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