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【MIYOMM X MORAL】 Fast-degrading Tait Tiny Backpack Collaboration

【MIYOMM X MORAL】 Fast-degrading Tait Tiny Backpack Collaboration

Influencer Miyo Ma and bag brand Moral Bags held an exciting collaborative bag launch event at the Cordis Hotel on December 7th. Miyo is dedicated to environmental conservation and chose to use Moral Bags’ new breakthrough fast-degrading fabric in their collaborative backpack design.


Miyo: Care for stray animals and environmental protection

Miyo and a white Biodegradable Tait Tiny BackpackMiyo is well known for her compassion and dedication to animal protection and welfare. In addition to caring for her own dogs, she actively volunteers for local stray cat and dog services. She helps provide food and financial support to homeless animals, enabling them to receive basic medical assistance and shelter. Witnessing the devastation caused by recent extreme weather conditions in Hong Kong and the impact on animal shelters, Miyo hopes to use her influence to encourage people to pay attention to the issue of stray animals and offer practical support.


Deeply concerned about environmental issues, Miyo actively promotes conservation, participating in various environmentally-related activities. She also advocates for eco-friendly sustainable fashion. Through these endeavors, Miyo encourages people to focus on protecting the environment. In her daily life, she puts her environmental beliefs into action by reducing her use of disposable plastic products and opting for reusable water bottles and shopping bags. She is also committed to promoting sustainable development, advocating for energy conservation, reducing carbon emissions, and addressing environmental degradation at its source, to make people's lives greener and healthier.

Environmentally-friendly collaboration between Moral Bags and Miyo produces innovative fast-degrading backpack
Moral BagsMoral Bags has always been committed to and passionate about caring for the environment. When choosing a collaborative partner, Moral looks for people with shared values. When it comes to sustainable development, Moral Bags and Miyo are like-minded. With a focus on material recycling and sustainable fashion, Moral’s products use recycled materials in order to conserve natural resources. Miyo actively participates in various activities to protect nature and incorporates eco-friendly alternatives into her daily life, practicing a green, low-carbon lifestyle.


Miyo specifically chose to use Moral’s revolutionary fast-degrading fabric in the new design. The use of this material helps reduce waste accumulation, minimizes pollution, and contributes to mitigating the impacts of climate change. The new formula of this fabric decomposes 100 times faster than conventional products, reducing the time required for complete decomposition and greatly improving resource utilization efficiency. 

Biodegradable Tait Tiny Backpack

About MCCC

Since its establishment in 1997, Maison de Charlotte Pour des Chats et des Chiens (MCCC) has been actively involved in rescuing stray cats and dogs. The organization has successfully rescued over 200 stray animals and provides services such as adoption matching and medical assistance. Guided by the principle of "treating lives with respect," MCCC is dedicated to creating a loving home for stray cats and dogs, allowing them to live a happy, settled life. After cost deductions, all profits from this collaboration will be donated to MCCC to contribute towards medical and food expenses.

This press conference marked the official launch of a meaningful collaborative partnership between Miyo and Moral Bags. We look forward to the success of this collaboration and hope it will have a positive impact on society and the environment.