【The newest trend you must have - Lavender】
【The newest trend you must have - Lavender】

【The newest trend you must have - Lavender】


Many people think that lavender is a difficult colour to wear In fact, lavender is highly associated with elegance and nobility. The color Purple has a magical and spiritual perception, and these associations will transcend directly to lavender Apart from this, lavender can also give us a sense of mystery.

Pair this versatile and genderless pastel to occasion wear, daywear, activewear,  footwear, and accessories.

No matter what your style vibe is, by mixing well with tons of other colours, the softer purple hue is perfect for setting off one’s temperament. But is lavender only suitable for girls? Absolutely not! As long as the match is right, boys and girls can carry!



/ Lavender and white colour

Lavender is a gentle colour,

Which is a perfect match with white!

Whether its a white dress,

Or white wool sweater.

A lavender bag,

With the white dress code,

Make your life more colourful.

Does it sound good with this match?



/ Lavender with pink colour match

Who will deny that lavender with pink is the perfect match?

Girlish colour scheme,

Soft and cute,

It makes you casual and not lacking the sense of fashion!

With a pink pleated skirt,

And a white sweater,

Matching a lavender bag,

You will become more girlish!



/ Lavender and black colour

Black makes you look stylish and thin.

A simple black top,

Or casual black long dresses,

Match it with an elementary lavender bag,

Can easily match with dark colour tone.



/ Marshmallow colour tone

Summer candy shades,

Matte and soft rainbow colour,

Along cute and pleasing marshmallow colour tone.

Layer upon layer tiered matching,

Definitely eye catching!



/ Lavender with yellow colour match

Soft and warm yellow colour shades,

Complementary with the cool lavender colour tone,

Top and Bottom matching,

Gentle and sunny,

Bright and dynamic style,

Give you a fresher feeling for your normal life.



/ Boys and girls can carry

Boys match with lavender,

Shows more comfortable.

Very attractive,

Especially with white colour,

Makes you look younger and charm.

Be energetic without losing the sense of fashion