【How to reunion with friends during pandemic?】

【How to reunion with friends during pandemic?】

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The pandemic changes the way we live and work. Now that we work round the clock at home, it's easy to lose contact with friends we used to meet. That sense of loneliness can be desperate. After all, human are social animals by nature. We contact with friends and support each other. How can we keep in touch with peers despite the current constraints?

1) Conduct a video call with them

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Although it is possible to stay connected using whatsapp or IG direct, it is never the same as meeting in person. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet or Skype offer comprehensive features that allow you to video call with one or more people. Consider hosting an online cocktail party. Order drinks via takeaway APP and play true or dare with friends! You can also do push-ups virtually with a group to get fit together!

2) Enjoy takeaway inside a car

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Alternatively, if either you or your friend can drive, try to buy takeaways and drive to a a stunning place where you can enjoy a meal. This way, you don't have to wear a mask all the time and can talk to your friends freely in a private space. It's also a great activity to do a carpool karaoke. Even though the karaoke and restaurants are closed, we can still entertain ourselves.

3) Shop online & send a surprising gift to besties

Remember all the bickering and laughter you had with friends? Sometimes, we need possessions to remind ourselves about the old sweet memories. You used to carry schoolbags and attend schools with your best friends hand in hand. This should not only stay in the past. Why not consider sending her a sisterhood bag, telling her "You got my back"? We all need little reminder that we are not alone during hard times. We'd like to introduce you three of our thoughtfully crafted bags as a gift for your friendship.

A) The choice for the artist - Mini Budd

Moral Mini Budd Backpack                    Moral Mini Budd Backpack


Mini Budd has carefully designed zipped and twisted compartments in front for small items. The main compartment can hold notebooks and books, making it ideal for girls who are into art & literature. There are also pockets for wireless headphones, tissues, small items etc, so that you can always have the items you need at your fingertips. The layers are made with RFID materials, safeguarding your private information from being scanned and stolen. The back panel also has a zipper for easy access to your belongings, as well as preventing theft. Available in three colours: timeless grey, adorable pink and olive green. (My favourite colour is the first one as it's a special grey you hardly see anywhere else.)

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B) Every day carry - Mini Tait

Mini Tait is a popular everyday backpack. It has the capacity to hold a lot of items. It's lightweight and spacious. It is similar to an intelligent girl, one who is slim & fit with a lot of wisdom and knowledge. Its zipper section is mixed with a natural blend of white to add a little extra vibrancy. Available in three colours: timeless grey, adorable pink and olive green. (The pink is also very nice. You just can't take your eyes off it.)

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C) Classic Mix - Moral X Operation Smile Charity Limited Edition



The collaboration with Operation Smile is inspired by the brand's colours, which happens to be in nautical style. The backpack is with a 'Give A Smile, Give A Life' stamp to commemorate how your purchase helps children with cleft lips and palates. For every bag you buy, we will send one to the children in need and donate a portion of the proceeds for their operations. The collection includes backpacks and shoulder bags. You can choose the style that suits your usage behaviour. Available in blue and white. (The backpack is the largest among the three recommended backpacks. Such a capacity can hold all the books for school. The shoulder bag is practical and aesthetic, which is a great option to carry light during hangouts.)

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4) Play multiplayer video games online

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Thanks to the rise of the internet, we can continue to have fun with our friends online. Whether it's mahjong, Werewolves of Miller's Hollow or Animal Crossing, you can easily interact with your friends in the virtual world. Playing games and chatting over the microphone keep you engaged with the peers.

While the environment is out of our control, all we can do is to think outside the box to interact. The pandemic is indeed a good time to review our relationships with friends. No matter how the circumstances change, a true friend will always find a way to keep in touch with you. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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