【Rochester Backpack, Best Backpack Ever for Students and Office Workers】

【Rochester Backpack, Best Backpack Ever for Students and Office Workers】

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Heading to the office or school? Keep all your essentials safe and organized with Rochester! While some people carry totes or crossbodies to work or school, actually a backpack is the perfect option. Why?! We have to carry loads of stuffs, like laptop, portable charger, water bottle etc, the weight may cause severe shoulder pain or even injury. A good backpack can evenly distribute the load across your back and shoulders, Rochester could be a choice for you!

Rochester is perfect for your commute due to several reasons. It offers enough space to pack all your personal belongings while also providing pressure-relief air mesh shoulder straps, multiple interlayers and accessory compartments. How would you say NO to a backpack that fulfils all these important elements?


#Huge capacity but won't make you look huge

Rochester offers enough space to hold your lunchbox, personal items, umbrella etc. It can fit lots of items while still slim and light. The spacious 22L interior has plenty of space for all your things, even going on a 3D2N staycation!

As a college student, there is a good chance you will need to carry loads of textbooks, PE clothes and sneakers. So, it is very important to find a backpack that can hold everything you need while keeping light and useful. With all this heavy stuff, we have to make sure Rochester is durable and lightweight. Rochester never goes wrong when go to school or work. 


#Multiple interlayers to protect your electronic products

The roomy 22L interior comes with two padded inner compartments which can fit a laptop and an iPad separately. Apart from it, the backpack is equipped with ergonomic soft air mesh ventilated back panel and a soft and comfort air mesh shoulder straps which is comfortable to carry throughout the day as well.


#Internal mesh accessory pocket helps you organize your personal belongings

Is your backpack too large and sometimes find it difficult to grab a small item at once? There are pockets for small items, such as charger and cosmetics as well as side pockets for stuff you want easy access.

How can you miss such a multifunctional backpack? !

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