【Northside Messenger, a Retro Urban Daily Messenger】

【Northside Messenger, a Retro Urban Daily Messenger】

Want a convenient and versatile casual messenger bag to enjoy your daily life? Northside Messenger is a great bag you should not miss!


#A clear division of compartments that meets your daily needs

Apart from the Zip pocket on the top flap that can store small items such as

travel cards and tissues, the front dual pocket design can also be used to

store personal items such as mobile phones. The main

compartment has a built-in detachable small hook and a small zipper pocket, which can be used to pack valuables such as keys and it is equipped with plastic rings on both sides of the bag, which is convenient for hanging sunglasses and your favorite charms. From then on, finding your tiny items will never be your problem.


#Multiple internal expandable pocket design, Extra-Functional

The main compartment has built-in multi-pocket storage and is equipped with an 11-inch tablet pocket, so that you can easily carry and use the tablet when you work. It is suitable for you who need to carry your bag frequently. At the same time, there are built-in shrinkable mesh double-sided pockets and insert pockets, allowing you to easily store water bottles, notepads and stationery. There is a small handle on the top of the bag, which is convenient for carrying or hanging when needed.


#Great design and style, suitable for both men and women

The Northside messenger bag uses a clamshell retro style design, showing elegance. There are a total of seven color designs for men and women, whether it is girls who want to create a literary look, or boys who are used for fast travel, they can be matched with daily wear.


#Can be matched with a camera insert kit

Want to go out for shooting but often carrying loads of bags? If you love shooting, you can choose to mix and match with the Northside Messenger Camera Insert Kit, which can store the camera, lens and other accessories. The design of the inner bag is convenient, and the space interval is utilized to make it more organized when tidying up. It can protect your beloved equipment, and at the same time, it can be worn together to make you more fashionable when shooting!


#Waterproof zipper tail design, safe, durable and beautiful

The lid zipper bag adopts waterproof zip design, which is safe, durable and beautiful. All zippers are equipped with embossed LOGO leather stamp tail, which is convenient, safe and generous, and it is easier to find the zipper head!


#Adjustable length shoulder strap and magnetic lock

Adjustable length shoulder strap with comfortable mesh pad, soft and comfortable. Having a thought that locks are inconvenient, and it’s time-consuming to unlock them? The adjustable strap & magnetic closure to connect top flap and bag body allows you to expand capacity and access your items easily.

Northside messenger bag is definitely can fit your daily needs. No matter for leisure, shopping with friends, or fast travel in the city and those who go to school or work, it is a messenger bag that fits anytime.

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