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【Moral Bags Returns to Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair】 Sustainable Fashion Brand Moral Bags Returns to Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair

【Moral Bags Returns to Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair】 Sustainable Fashion Brand Moral Bags Returns to Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair

At the "All you Need for Gift Supply" Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair, Moral Bags has once again been invited to participate at the end of this month. Two selected backpacks from their collection are recommended for exhibition - the Nighthawks Grog Backpack and the Tait “CHOC A BLOC”  Fast-degrading Tiny Backpack. One embodies professional functionality, while the other showcases sustainable fashion, catering to the diverse requirements of consumers and attracting widespread attention at the exhibition.

Asia's Largest Gift Fair and the World's Second-largest in the Industry

The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, organized annually in the spring by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, is currently the largest exhibition of its kind in Asia and the second largest in the world, second only to the Paperworld Frankfurt in Germany. This year's exhibition will be held from April 27th to 30th, inviting nearly five thousand high-quality exhibitors. It aims to provide a platform to showcase Hong Kong's gift and premium products.

▍The Moral Booth at the exhibition

At this exhibition, businesses from various industries showcase their exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs, offering a wide range of products from souvenirs to fashion accessories, from household items to electronic products. These products not only possess high quality but also incorporate Hong Kong's cultural characteristics and innovative elements, showcasing the professionalism and creativity of Hong Kong enterprises. The exhibition conveys the passion and creativity of Hong Kong businesses. It provides an opportunity to delve into the stories of Hong Kong enterprises, appreciate the achievements left by our predecessors, and truly "Tell Good Stories of Hong Kong"

An industry and societal future focal point: sustainability

The industry and society are increasingly focusing on sustainability as a key priority. Moral Bags places a strong emphasis on incorporating sustainability into everyday life, aiming to create fashionable and durable bags that stand the test of time. Among the bags showcased at the exhibition, two highlighted backpacks are the Nighthawks Grog Backpack and the Tait “CHOC A BLOC” Fast-degrading Tiny Backpack. The brand's standard fabric, rPET, is made from recycled water bottles, making each purchase contribute to reducing plastic waste in the environment.

▍Nighthawks Grog Backpack <<< Click to see more

The award-winning product Nighthawks Grog Backpack, which received the Hong Kong Smart Design Award, is being showcased at this exhibition.

The "Mobile Mini Fridge" -  Combines environmental friendliness and ultimate professionalism. The choice of world-class bartenders

This backpack, nicknamed the "Mobile Mini Fridge," combines fashion design and practical functionality. With its insulated fabric and design, it can maintain the temperature of beverages and food. Whether you're on the move, having a picnic, camping, or in various outdoor environments, it ensures that your drinks and food stay fresh and cool. Additionally, it features multiple storage pockets and adjustable shoulder straps, providing convenience and a comfortable user experience.

The Nighthawks Grog Backpack has won the "Hong Kong Smart Design Award" and is highly recommended by professionals. Leo, a local bartender who won the title of World Bartender of the Year at the 2023 IBA World Cocktail Competition, said, "It can keep drinks warm for 6-8 hours, which is extremely valuable for bartenders. Temperature is a feeling, an experience that I cherish greatly. I sincerely recommend Nighthawks to people who appreciate a tasteful lifestyle."

Tait CHOC A BLOC Fast-degrading Tiny Backpack <<< Click to see more

Rediscover the brand's iconic bestseller: MORAL's first fast-degradable product

Moral Bags, a brand dedicated to sustainable development, showcases its first best-selling fast-degrading product at the exhibition. The Tait “CHOC A BLOC” Fast-degrading Tiny Backpack is made from fast-degrading fabric, which means that it can decompose into natural elements with minimal environmental impact once its lifespan ends. In addition to its eco-friendly features, Moral Bags also offers fashionable designs and lightweight construction.

Whether you're looking for a cooler backpack or an eco-friendly backpack, both of these options deserve your attention. They combine quality, design, and practicality to provide you with the perfect backpack choice. For those unable to attend the event in person, you can visit the Moral Bags official website or check out major Moral retail outlets to browse their products.

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