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【Earth-tone backpacks and crossbody bags】 Your go-to for fall/winter fashion and style

【Earth-tone backpacks and crossbody bags】 Your go-to for fall/winter fashion and style

With the weather gradually becoming cooler, it's time to start adding some autumn and winter touches to your wardrobe! Moral has just introduced a range of bags in colors that are ideal for the autumn and winter seasons. When paired with your outfits, these bags will create a multi-dimensional visual effect. Moral has curated four essential backpacks and crossbody bags for the autumn and winter seasons to compliment your look!

 Tait “Choc A Bloc” Little Backpack / Tait “Choc A Bloc” Mini Backpack

1. Tait “Choc A Bloc” Little Backpack / Tait “Choc A Bloc” Mini Backpack

The Tait "Choc A Bloc" has gained immense popularity since its launch, thanks to its minimalist design complemented by the essential autumn/winter "Desert Sage" color. The warm tones exude a cozy, pristine ambiance, making it the perfect choice for the comfortable, laid-back atmosphere of the season. The Tait "Choc A Bloc" Backpack series offers two different sizes: the Little Backpack and the Mini Backpack, so you can select the size that suits your needs. Moreover, both sizes are also available in a lightweight version, meaning that you don’t need to worry about the backpack becoming too heavy, even if you need to carry a few extra items.

◾️ Tait "CHOC A BLOC" Mini Backpack (Price: HK$499) >>> Buy now

◾️ Tait "CHOC A BLOC" Little Backpack (Price: HK$599) >>> Buy now


Tait Mini Crossbody

2. Tait Mini Crossbody

Both the Tait Mini Crossbody and the Tait "Choc A Bloc" embody minimalist style. In addition to the basic colors, they are also available in "Smoky Pink'' and "Lavender Purple," making them suitable for those who prefer a more thoughtful, bookish fashion style. The Tait Mini Crossbody is perfectly sized for casual use, offering ample capacity to hold all the personal items you need for daily life.

◾️ Tait Mini Crossbody (Price: HK$399) >>> Buy now

Northside Mini Messenger

3. Northside Mini Messenger

The Northside Mini Messenger is also available in a Light Weight version. In addition to the aforementioned color options of "Desert Sage," "Smoky Pink," and "Lavender Purple," there is also the choice of "Oatmeal Grey." "Oatmeal Grey" is a distinctive shade of light grey that sets it apart from pure white or regular grey. In addition, we have designed new accessories for the Northside Messenger, including an inner pouch and a camera insert, allowing you to customize it according to your personal preferences.

◾️ Northside Mini Messenger (Price: HK$399) >>>Buy now

The a bags are all made from w recycled rPET fabric. You can effortlessly achieve a multi-dimensional visual effect by employing different styling techniques and complementing them with these bags.

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