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【Budd Mama Bag – A Backpack with Large capacity & Multi-compartment 】

【Budd Mama Bag – A Backpack with Large capacity & Multi-compartment 】

Going out with your baby becomes no longer clumsy

A good bag for mums can definitely reduce a lot of troubles for mums. It is important for mums to find everything easily when mums are outside with babies. It is also very important to find things that mums need quickly when the baby is crying! When Moral's designers designed Budd Mama Bag, we hope to add different elements as much as possible, that are convenient for mothers. Using Budd Mama Bag would definitely make mums’ life easier and less trouble when taking the baby out.

Large capacity and multiple compartments

We believe that compartments and capacity are definitely the first two elements that customers would consider when choosing a backpack. Especially for mums, if a backpack has sufficient capacity and compartments, it must be much more convenient when you are out with your babies. Budd Mama Bag is definitely large enough for babies’ and mums’ personal items, such as wet wipes, diapers, milk bottles, milk powder bottles, etc., as well as mums’ personal items, such as mobile phones, earphones, chargers, wallets, umbrellas, etc. At the same time, Budd Mama Bag also has multiple compartments. As a mother, you often need to multi-task in a short period of time. Your phone might be ringing while your baby is crying. You have to look for your phone with one hand and calm your baby with the other hand. Therefore, the diapers must be easier found. At this moment, the multiple compartment of the Budd Mama Bag can make life easy for mums, as it is easy to find what they are looking for.

Detachable zip bag

The Budd Mama Bag also has a detachable zip bag, perfectly for wet wipes and one or two diapers. Sometimes if dad or other family members are there, mom doesn't need to take the whole bag into the nursery, just take this detachable zip bag in, and you can change the baby's diaper. 

Zip layer that can also be a mat

The Budd Mama Bag also has a zip layer in the center position. It is designed that the zipper can be opened to the bottom. If mums forget to bring wet wipes and do not want your baby to sit in the public nursery, you can open the zipper compartment and turn that layer into a temporary mat. In this way, your baby does not need to sit or lie directly in a public nursery. 

Four-color options to match different styles

As a mother, you could also dress up! The Budd Mama Bag is available in four colors, including black, pink, sleet, and grey olive. Whether you're a stylish mom or a simple-style mom, there must definitely be a style that fit you! 

Moral's Budd Mama Bag is specially designed for mothers. We hope that when mums use this backpack, this bag can reduce the trouble while taking your babies out. Mums do not need to be so worried and frustrated when you bring out your kids, and you can really enjoy the precious family time!

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