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【AYP X MORAL】Moral Sponsors BOC Life Rogaine Charity Race 2024 in Support of Environmental Education and Youth Development

【AYP X MORAL】Moral Sponsors BOC Life Rogaine Charity Race 2024 in Support of Environmental Education and Youth Development

MORAL is the designated sponsor of the Hong Kong Youth Award Program (AYP) BOC Life Rogaine Charity Race 2024 this winter, supporting the off-road adventures of active and passionate Hong Kong youngsters. Participants in races are required to overcome various challenges, including reaching and maintaining the required level of physical fitness, developing leadership skills, learning how to make judgment decisions, and how to grow through overcoming difficulties. AYP is an international volunteer organization dedicated to nurturing young people, and its values align closely with MORAL's philosophy, which is what led to this collaboration. At the same time, MORAL, as an eco-friendly bag brand popular among young people, is committed to encouraging them to engage more with the outdoors and appreciate the importance of protecting nature. AYP also organizes various environmental activities to promote green living. In 2022, through these activities, they collected and recycled 47 kilograms of recyclable materials and donated 16 kilograms of unused food to dormitories for the disabled. 

Rogaine is AYP's annual large-scale team orienteering competition, aimed at raising funds to support youth development work. It will be held in January 2024 in the north eastern part of the New Territories. Participants must plan their orienteering routes within a specified time and collect points at checkpoints. The competition is composed of 2 to 4 person teams with both 6-hour and 3-hour races. The team with the highest total score in each category wins and, in case of a tie, the team that completes the course in the shortest time prevails.

AYP X MORAL recycled bag

AYP X MORAL TowelWinners of the "AYP Infinity Cup" 6-hour races and of each category in the 3-hour races will receive incredible prizes sponsored this year by MORAL. In addition, all winners will receive an eco-friendly shopping bag exclusively made by MORAL for this event. Each participant's race kit will also include a HK$50 discount coupon for MORAL's online store and a special edition towel from the MORAL x AYP collaboration.

MORAL bags have several special features that set them apart from others. First and foremost, all MORAL bags are designed to be water resistant, ensuring that belongings remain dry in light rain or damp conditions. Additionally, MORAL bags are made from RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) fabric which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. This enables green consumption and also enhances the bags' durability. With their versatile collection, MORAL offers bags for different occasions, whether it's a backpack for outdoor adventures, a tote for shopping, or a messenger bag for work. By choosing MORAL bags, you can enjoy the convenience of a water-resistant bag while making a positive impact on the environment.

Umago Stag I

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1) Umago Stag I is a lightweight, sporty laptop backpack that accommodates a 16-inch laptop. It is suitable for urban professionals who commute between work and sports activities.

Beaufort Backpack Basic

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2) Beaufort Backpack Basic has a cool, minimalist appearance, and accommodates a 15-inch laptop. It is the perfect complement to professional office attire.

Napier Crossbody

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3) Napier Crossbody is a popular, best selling MORAL product, perfect for carrying during leisure activities and holidays.

Enzo Convertible Sling

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4) Enzo Convertible Sling, apart from being a shoulder sling bag, can also be converted into a handheld briefcase, making it suitable for urban individuals who appreciate flexibility in their daily lives.

Nova Sling Extreme

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5) Nova Sling Extreme offers 3 different options - it can be carried as a handbag, a shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag. It is the perfect choice for fashion enthusiasts who value versatility and style.

MORAL not only aims to cultivate youth development through this event but also to raise young people’s awareness of environmental protection and encourage them to live a green and healthy lifestyle. MORAL will continue to support other activities organized by AYP to further encourage the growth and development of young people. 


Despite the winter cold, the spirit of youthful determination and MORAL’s passion for nurturing new talent continue to burn brightly. See you in the New Territories’ hills at the end of January!


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