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【Army green is limited to military-style designs? 】Actually it can match it with your daily outfit!

【Army green is limited to military-style designs? 】Actually it can match it with your daily outfit!

Fashion isn't limited to denim anymore, military green (or you can call olive green, khaki green, army green …) is going to dominate the market. Army green is cool, modern and stylish. Have you ever tried to slow down your steps and look into different small parts in Hong Kong? Actually, military green appears everywhere in Hong Kong. Just simply because Hong Kong people love military green or does military green have some special meaning to Hong Kong?

Is it not difficult to find army green on architectures and transportations, such as star ferry and tram etc. During World War II, many of the military green paint and grey paint were left behind. From an economic point of view and in principle of environmental protection, many vehicles and public utilities at that time used military green. Gradually military green became a tradition, belonging to the tradition of Hong Kong people. Does army green have a special meaning in your heart?

Moral loves Hong Kong; loves culture; loves design, this season we are bringing army green into our products. Let us bring stories through our products, and hope that everyone can learn more about Moral’s culture and stories.

No idea how to involve military green in your daily outfit? In fact, it is very easy to kick start with accessories. The most common way to wear it is to add the earth tone color to the army green. Basically, no matter what the combination is, you will never go wrong with earth tone color! Nighthawks Military Backpack in military green color is a limited edition in this season. This military style backpack is matched with high-quality military green. Whether you are going on an adventure or casual use, it is absolutely eye-catching!

Except Nighthawks Military Backpack, this season's highlight Northside Messenger is also available in military green. If you don't like to carry a large backpack on your back in the hot summer, you must not miss the Northside Messenger. The size is just right fit, very suitable for daily casual use, and more, it can be used with a camera insert kit to meet your different needs.

If you only love black and white in your daily outfit, why not try to match it with an army green bag this summer to make your outfit more interesting. Army green is not only beautiful, but also a color full of stories.


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