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【Essential Office Bags for Men 】5 popular business backpack recommendations

【Essential Office Bags for Men 】5 popular business backpack recommendations

5 Popular Business Backpack Recommendations

1) Cecil Compact Backpack 
2) Marquis Basic Backpack 
3) Rochester Omni Backpack SB
4) Nova Straya Laptop Backpack  
5) Beaufort Backpack Basic

The market is currently brimming with a wide selection of business backpacks, each boasting large capacity, multiple compartments, and comfortable usability as key selection criteria. Today, we are delighted to introduce you to 5 popular backpacks for office-goers that offer exceptional value for money. How could you possibly pass them up?


1) Cecil Compact Backpack

Cecil Compact Backpack

The Cecil Compact Backpack is a classic, stylish, minimalist backpack suitable for everyday use. It offers generous capacity and multiple compartments and pockets to keep your personal belongings well-organized. How could you do without a spacious, protective laptop and tablet compartment in your daily work routine? The Cecil Compact Backpack’s thick layer of padding ensures that your laptop and tablet are shielded from any damage arising from accidental impacts.
Cecil Compact Backpack  >>> Buy Now


2) Marquis Basic Backpack

Marquis Basic Backpack 

The Marquis Basic Backpack’s medium size and minimalist design make it versatile for any occasion. We have intentionally eliminated all unnecessary decoration and compartments, resulting in a sleek and stylish aesthetic. With the capacity to accommodate a 15-inch laptop, it is an extremely minimal, ‘just right’ backpack. It perfectly complements fashion choices for the urban environment.

Marquis Basic Backpack - Medium Size >>> Buy Now

3) Rochester Omni Backpack - Stealth Bomber Edition

Rochester Omni Backpack "L" Stealth Bomber
Rochester Omni Backpack Stealth Bomber, with its 30L capacity, enables you to neatly store all of your daily necessities. Its padded compartment safeguards your 17-inch laptop. The discreet RFID pocket ensures that your personal information remains securely out of reach of skimmers. With various small pockets and compartments, organizing your personal items has never been so convenient!

Rochester Omni Backpack Stealth Bomber >>> Buy Now


4) Nova Straya Laptop Backpack

Nova Straya Laptop Backpack

The Nova Straya Laptop Backpack is a 22L daily commuter backpack that redefines the idea of the perfect urban backpack. It features a low-friction, breathable back panel and shoulder straps, providing comfort and care for your back and shoulders. The upgraded ergonomic back panel design ensures a comfortable, effortless daylong experience - no need to worry about fatigue. Additionally, the Nova Straya Laptop Backpack comes with D-shaped hooks for conveniently hanging keys and small items like hand sanitizers.

Nova Straya Laptop Backpack >>> Buy Now

5) Beaufort Backpack Basic

Beaufort Backpack Basic

Beaufort Backpack Basic features a traditional design that has captured the attention of urban individuals with its sleek appearance and clean lines. Its built-in folder compartment allows for easy storage of work essentials, while also providing quick access to everyday items. The breathable padded shoulder straps, along with a mesh fabric, provide day to day support, ensuring a comfortable commute.

Beaufort Backpack Basic>>> Buy Now

The 5 backpack styles above are characterized by their minimalist design and high functionality. They are also incredibly cost-effective. We’re sure there is definitely one that will match your preferences, so don't hesitate to make your purchase! Want to enjoy an additional discount? Register as a MORAL member now and receive a HK$50 electronic voucher!

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