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【2021 Year in Review – Better Before Bigger】

【2021 Year in Review – Better Before Bigger】

Coming to the end of 2021, there has been lots of changes because of the pandemic. Moral has also gone through a lot this year. We are grateful that these experiences have helped us grow and become better. Today, let’s review together all that's happened throughout this year, and how these have changed us.

Putting more resources to support local creators

Since day one of Moral, we have been creating with the concept of "infinity", hoping to create with unlimited creativity. Therefore, in 2021, we cooperated with different local creators and hope they could get exposed more. We also hope to give customers a new perspective, not only looking at our bag’s features but to learn our products through testimonials and reviews. So customers can know our design from those reviews before getting one.

Support local creators and local production

Fulfill corporate responsibilities by further upgrading environmentally friendly materials

Moral loves to incorporate environmental protection and design. We hope to integrate design with environmental care, to inspire the public to integrate life into environmental protection, and to contribute to saving the planet. Therefore, we are committed to working hard at every level so that everyone can be environmentally friendly while shopping. In 2021, our environmentally friendly fabrics have upgraded again. The recycled plastic bottles are repurposed into fabrics, which are made into different backpacks, tote bags, cross-body bags, and so on. In addition, Moral has launched a new recycled eco-friendly bag, which resues cotton scraps that were originally intended to be thrown away.

Give recycled rags and cotton material a second life

Developing the overseas markets despite the epidemic

Even the epidemic stayed in 2021, Moral has made a big decision, launching in Singapore Orchard Road, for the first time in an overseas market. We hope to spread the concept of "Born on the Fringe" to different parts of the world. In addition, we also hope to spread the message of being environmentally friendly and regeneration and bring the concept of sustainable development to different parts of the world.

New design and new concept landing on Kickstarter

Moral also stepped out of our comfort zone this year. In addition to the store at Moko, official online stores, selling points, and cooperative online stores, we also landed on the crowdfunding website – Kickstarter, for the first time! We spent countless nights, had countless cups of coffee, and designed a backpack that we love very much - the Cecil Compact Backpack – Stealth Bomber Edition. After launching on Kickstarter, we are grateful that many of you love our design, especially the practicality and the appearance of the backpack. More importantly, users are also very supportive of the environmental protection concept, which is very important to us.

Let me tell you exciting news here, Moral will have more crowdfunding projects in 2022! Stay tuned!

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Cooperate with local restaurant, Madame Fù, to launch a joint afternoon tea set

In addition to cooperating with Local Creators, Moral has also tried somethings new, which is cooperating with Madame Fù, a Cantonese dim sum restaurant located in Central Tai Kwun, to launch an afternoon tea set. The tea set combines street culture and artistic sense, and also gives you a new dining experience.

We are very grateful for your support in 2021, we are motivated to serve and continue designing more practical and beautiful products based on the belief of " Born on the Fringe". Together we look forward to the arrival of 2022 and hope that it will a better year!

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