【Minimal yet Functional – Marquis Backpack Stealth Bomber】

【Minimal yet Functional – Marquis Backpack Stealth Bomber】

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Minimal, Functional, All-Purpose.
Just the Right Fit. From urban to rural, a new definition to multipurpose backpack.

Being stuck at home during the pandemic has forced people to stay at home more often, so as to Moral designers. We started to work from home just like everyone. When it comes to designing a new product, we started asking ourselves many questions and redefining Moral’s philosophy. What makes the best backpack for everyone?!

We wish everyone can know our philosophy through our design and story. Moral does not only produce good backpacks, but also a brand that loves the planet, listens to customers, designs from the heart. Each Marquis uses up to 20 recycled plastic bottles to produce which saves 20 bottles from becoming landfill.

This time we decided to create a minimal backpack that is just the right fit for everything. We wish it is for a long time use and enough for everyday use.

The size, just the right fit.
Compartments, just the right fit.

Minimal design, without extra accessories and pockets. From urban to rural, Marquis – Stealth Bomber Edition does it all.

Whatever your needs, Marquis can fit all your work stuff and personal belongings. The spacious main compartment comes with a padded slot for a 16-inch laptop. Not only a padded laptop sleeve, but you can also find more organizational pouches in the main compartment! We also added a separate RFID zipper pocket with materials that can block radio frequency identification.

There is a hidden pocket in the back which can help you protect wallet or other valuables from pickpockets. Each Marquis will also come with an accessory kit, including additional zip lock and zipper puller. You can DIY how to use those extras, such as hanging your accessory or additional protection.

Moral also designed a camera insert bag for Marquis. You can either use is alone or use it with Marquis. It fits 1 camera 2 lenses or 2 cameras 2 lenses. There are pockets on the camera insert bag which can hold your SD card, USB, batteries and lens cover. You can simply take out the pad inserted in the cover, flip the cover behind, taking out your camera and lenses is just super handy.

Marquis is water-proof and comes in water-proof zip on main compartment. Keep your bag and personal stuffs dry and safe.

Pre-order now: https://moralbags.com/zh/products/marquis-backpack-stealth-bomber-edition

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